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Chunky Trainers

I had been browsing for a new pair of trainers for a while before I decided upon ordering these shoes. I wanted chunky trainers, but originally wasn’t 100% sure on white trainers, as they usually get marked extremely easily. Also, I don’t usually go for pink items of clothing, as being ginger and pale, I find pastel pink colours tend to wash me out. But, I figured pink on my feet shouldn’t be too conflicting, you know due to the vast distance between my feet and my pasty-white face.

After much decision making, I decided to brave it and order these trainers, and I am extremely glad I did! I found the sizes ran slightly small, so ordered a size larger than I normally would, which was the perfect fit for me. They are extremely comfy trainers, and was immediately able to wear them for long periods of time without getting any pain or blisters.

Not only are they comfortable, but I also love the design of them! The pastel pink adds a slight bit of colour to the white trainers, whilst still being a light-coloured, summery trainer.

They will definitely be a staple for my wardrobe this summer, with the white leather-look part of the trainer being easy to wipe, preventing marking and staining.

I am extremely happy with these trainers, with Boohoo impressing me yet again, and would recommend them to any one else looking for a chunky 80s-style trainer. They come in numerous other colours, giving customers a vast choice between the type of look they are aspiring for.

With 80s-style clothing doing a full circle and coming back into style, I would say chunky trainers are very of the moment, drawing upon the influence of the 80s, whilst still finding their way into 2018 style.

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Boohoo: Zendaya Edit

I bought this top just after the Boohoo Zendaya Edit was released. I saw so many items of clothing that I loved in the edit, but I had to narrow it down… I’m not made of money! I decided on this colourful, stripy top because I already have so many different types of colourful trousers, and I needed a new top anyway.

I was very pleased with the top when it arrived, it was everything I wanted it to be: bright, colourful and a great summer wardrobe edition.

Thankfully, I had already planned on going out later that week, giving me the perfect opportunity to wear my new purchase out. I decided to wear it with my wide-leg black trousers and trainers, making sure I was comfortable, yet stylish.

This was the first time that I felt like summer had arrived this year, with the bright colours pulling me (very willingly) out of the winter blues and into the summer season.

I would definitely recommend having a look at Boohoo’s website to those who haven’t before, especially the Zendaya edit, which is filled with so many colourful, summer-driven outfits. I admit I am slightly biased as I think Zendaya herself is fab… and I buy most of my wardrobe from Boohoo, but I wouldn’t recommend a site if I didn’t think it was worthy! Happy shopping!

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This is such a delayed post, but I have been super busy with University and haven’t had the chance to post anything recently!

I went out for dinner with my boyfriend in January while I was at home visiting my family in Jersey over the Christmas holidays. As we never really do anything exciting apart from slob around and watch TV, we decided to go out for the evening and make a bit of an effort. It was absolutely chucking it down with rain, but I put my winter coat on and struggled through the bad weather.

The entire of my outfit in this photo were hand-me-downs from friends and family. I got my tartan trousers and my cardigan from one of my neighbours, who was doing a massive clear out of all of her clothes so gave me and my Mum bags of clothes to choose from. I got tons of other cardigans and jeans from her as well, which are now some of my favourite items of clothing. I love my tartan trousers as they can easily make a seemingly basic outfit in terms of colour a bit more exciting, preventing me from wearing black all the time.

My top in this photo was given to me by one of my closest friends, Katherine, who told me the top would suit me when I went round to her house for coffee one day, which resulted in her giving it to me. This top nicely dresses up an outfit for a night out, which in my case was a meal out at Banjos.

Lastly, my heeled boots were given to me by my Mum, who decided she didn’t want them anymore, so instead donated them to me… it’s always an advantage when you catch someone in the middle of clearing out their wardrobe.

Hand-me-downs can be some of the best things in your wardrobe, which shows that buying stuff brand new and at a high price doesn’t always have to be the way to go. I buy most of my clothes either in sales or in charity shops, I always like to catch a bargain rather than shelling out tons of cash!


Makeup by Bethan

My good friend Bethan came round to my house for a girls evening to do my makeup. She runs her own Instagram page @beautybybethan where she posts all her makeup looks that she perfects on herself and other willing volunteers, such as myself! She decided to do an emerald look on me, which I was happy with considering blues are my favourite kind of colours! I had an extremely fun evening letting someone else do my makeup, which is a rare occurrence for me.

The bottom photo is a half makeup, half natural photo, as a comparison of the before and after of the makeup look. I enjoy doing those photos as people are frequently telling me I look really different with and without makeup, so its always fun to do a half and half photo.

I enjoy wearing makeup, but I also think its important to be comfortable with your natural look, rather than wearing makeup because you feel like you have to. Recently, I hardly ever wear makeup and I find it makes me happier in my own skin. It also makes me appreciate wearing makeup A LOT more, especially if I’m getting treated to a makeover by my lovely friend.

A big thank you to Beth for doing my makeup!

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A Very Delayed New Year Post…

This post is extremely delayed as I have been super busy working and getting ready to head back to University!

Pictured above is my outfit that I wore for New Year’s Eve. I stayed in and had a meal with my family, some friends and my boyfriend, but that didn’t stop me from getting dressed up. I figured 2017 coming to an end was my excuse to get dressed up and wear my new outfit!

I decided to wear the jumpsuit pictured, which I bought from New Look during a sale in Brighton. I love this piece as it is very comfortable, but is fitting and still looks great for dressing up. I have started to wear more jumpsuits recently, as I prefer them to wearing a dress. They are a lot more conformable to wear and you don’t have to spend the whole night checking your skirt to make sure it hasn’t blown up in the wind! In my opinion, you can look just as dressed up in a jumpsuit as you can in a dress as jumpsuits remain to be a classy outfit choice.

I even decided to put on some fake nails from Boots for the occasion. I admit it was mainly because some of my nails had broken so it looked like a small child had painted them, so I figured it would be easier just to purchase some fake nails for the night. Even so, I went for a deep red set to give my nails a bit of colour without drawing attention away from the bold yellow stripes on my jumpsuit.

I had a great evening getting made-up for the New Year and had a night of drinking and eating with friends and family, the best way to spend the start of a New Year in my opinion!

Happy (VERY LATE) New Year! Welcome 2018!

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To the Pub!

I went to a pub in Brighton called The Gladstone with my housemate Alice, for a night of live music and wine. We decided to actually make an effort and put on some nice clothes, instead of lounging around the house in our PJs.

I decided to wear my tribal patterned playsuit, which I haven’t worn in a long time. I like this item, as it can be worn both as a light and floaty playsuit in the summer, or with tights and boots in the winter (as I have done here). This was the first time I wore tights this year – brace yourself for the winter chills people, it’s December!

I accessorised my outfit with my favourite coin printed choker necklace, and frilly socks. Although socks are a very simple addition to the outfit, they work well to break apart dark colours, in this case my tights and shoes.

I even wore my small heeled boots, an unusual occurrence for me as I am extremely happy in flats most of the time. My boots are very worn out from wearing them into clubs, but they still do the trick to slightly dress up a casual outfit.

I had a lovely evening listening to some great acoustic music and having a few drinks with my friend. The Gladstone is a great little place, with a variety of ages all going there for its friendly atmosphere and great deals!

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Hollaback Girls


Here are my two lovely housemates, Alice and Melissa. This was us pre-night-out to the Haunt in Brighton for their Hollaback Girls night. We always have a great laugh together and I wanted to share my two lovely friends’ stunning outfits.

Alice is wearing her flowery playsuit from TK Maxx which is classy as well as alluring. She accessorised this with her favourite knee-high boots from JustFab. Alice loves these boots and they are one of her most treasured items in her wardrobe. It’s a rare occasion to see Alice in anything but pink, as her wardrobe is 50 shades of pink (even her hair is). Despite ditching her classic for one night, Alice looked amazing heading out into the town and was dressed to impress.

Melissa was wearing her halter-neck sequin top (the photo doesn’t do the glitzy top justice) that was handed down to her by her aunt, who bought the top in the 80s. Melissa has lots of stylish clothes given down by her by family members, hence her fashion is varied and unique. Melissa has since cut her hair to a pixie cut since this photo, so we are now officially a household of short-haired gals!

I decided to wear my new Boohoo trousers, which feel like I’m wearing my PJs. They are super comfortable as well as looking great and can be dressed-up or dressed-down, depending on the occasion. On this night, I decided to wear my trousers with a bralet, showing off slightly more skin than normal. The bralet has a line of lace at the bottom, adding some detail to the bralet. I felt confident in this specific outfit and had a great night out wearing it.

I love these girls and their unique styles, which characterise their personalities perfectly. Anyway, that’s enough bragging about my awesome friends for one post I think!