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Pixie Cut and Piercings!

So, I’ve been debating cutting my hair for some time now and here are the results… I got a pixie cut!


I have gradually gone from hair nearly down to my waist, to hair not even covering my ears, but I think my madness has paid off.

I spent a while asking for people’s advice and trying to decide, but eventually I booked the appointment and thought ‘it’s booked, no going back now’. I am extremely glad I did and would definitely recommend for anyone who is considering it to just go for it!

It’s taking some getting used to but I am absolutely loving it – it’s easier to wash, dry and generally manage. I can still style it in different ways if I want to using wax and putty (not gel as it gives my hair a ‘wet-look’ I’m not a fan of).

Now my hair is short I decided to get a helix piercing as well. I have wanted a piercing for ages and decided that now you can see my ears, I might as well give it a shot. My friend came with me and we both got our piercings done together. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and it is surprisingly LESS painful than I anticipated. Actually getting the piercing done hardly hurt (just some throbbing) and the aftereffects haven’t been bad at all. Despite any horror stories people try and tell you, I assure you that if you get your piercing done with a properly qualified person, you shouldn’t have any major problems!

Now I have one piercing, I have definitely become addicted and intend on getting more helix piercings once this one has started to heal.

Although I now have the problem that none of my forms of ID look anything like me, I absolutely love my new hairdo (and piercing) and have fallen in love with having short hair.

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New Year’s Eve


I recently bought myself a Naked3 Palette by Urban Decay and decided to use it on New Years Eve. I decided to create a smoky eye effect with some of the brown colours from the selection, using a glittery eye shadow to create a shiny effect. I went for a smoky but subtler look and used my Rimmel eyeliner to add to my look. I personally use a white eyeliner pencil for my under-eye as it makes your eyes look bigger.

As for my lipstick, I decided on wearing Kristen from Kylie Cosmetics. I used both the lipliner and lipstick to enhance the colour. I absolutely love these lip kits as they last for the entire night without smudging or fading.
My lipstick colour of choice is a bright or dark red as lighter colours do not match my skin tone. As I am quite pale, brighter or darker colours stand out against my pale skin and look better than lighter colours, which tend to wash me out.

My eyebrows are shaped by using a powder kit as naturally by eyebrows are VERY blonde. If you have light eyebrows I recommend using powder and sharpening the shape with a pencil if necessary as it prevents them from becoming extremely dark or too thick. Having light eyebrow hair can be a problem, however I don’t get them dyed and I find defining them extremely manageable.

I decided to wear a black top from New Look and a glittery skirt from H&M. Originally I wasn’t sure on my outfit as I couldn’t decide on whether it looked nice, however with the persuasion of my friends I decided to wear this outfit to the party I was attending. I was extremely happy with my clothing options later in the night as I looked nice but was still comfortable and didn’t have to worry about fixing my skirt for the whole night, which is a common occurrence when wearing a pencil skirt (hence I chose a more floaty skirt)!

So, this was how I decided on going into 2017. Happy New Year!