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Donations, Donations

Melissa (beautifully) presenting my pile to give away
Clothes I claimed from Melissa


Making my new jacket into an outfit

Recently I had a bit of a dilemma: I was looking around my room at all of my belongings and thought: ‘I have to move all my stuff out in a couple of months, what am I going to do with it all?!’. After considering different ways of moving my stuff around I decided that I could probably help myself and have a clear out.

My friend, Melissa, and I both decided to go through our wardrobes and take things that we don’t like or don’t wear anymore to charity shops. We both ended up having piles of clothes to donate and managed to fill two bin bags each (although we did look very odd on the bus carrying bin bags into town).

I managed to clear out about half my wardrobe of clothes that I haven’t worn in months. I love giving clothes away as it always makes me realise what’s in the depths of my cupboards, what clothes I actually need, and what outfits would benefit from a new owner.

While sorting through our clothes, we ended up prying on the remains of each other’s closets and claiming clothes for our own! I added a pair of creepers and three t-shirts to my wardrobe – thanks Melissa! In my defence, I was in need of some new tops after cleansing myself of old ones.

After giving the bags of clothing to Oxfam and Barnardo’s, we went into Churchill Square Shopping Centre in Brighton to replace some of our old clothes. I bought two vest tops, one teal and one white, and a jacket from Bershka. The vest tops were essential purchases after giving away ones that didn’t fit me anymore, but the jacket was a treat for my hard work. It was a sale item and I personally love it! It’s something a little bit different from my other items of clothing and is perfect for the upcoming spring season. I don’t usually wear pink and purple colours, but I loved the patterns and frills on this specific jacket so I decided to buy it. That’s the one great thing about having a massive clear out – you can go and treat yourself to clothes and have justification for doing so.

On the whole, I’d say it was a pretty successful clear out.


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