Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Awareness

The University of Sussex participated in raising awareness for Breast Cancer by organising their own Pink Week.

They were raising money and awareness by giving out stickers, selling t-shirts, making candy floss and organising other pink themed events.

I showed my support by collecting a sticker and Pink Lemonade Tea and by buying a Pink Week t-shirt.

I believe that raising money and awareness for breast cancer is an extremely important issue. I know people who have suffered from breast cancer and believe that raising awareness for the cause will help people notice the early signs of cancer.

CoppaFeel are an amazing organisation that teach people how to check their breasts for signs of cancer and also organise and participate in fundraising events.

This is a very important issue close to my heart and I hope this post has allowed you to appreciate the fundraising work that has already been done. You don’t have to organise events to support the cause but can do anything as small as buying a badge or a t-shirt. Every little helps!

Women's Fashion



This post is about my lovely friend Melissa’s outfit, which she wore on a night out last week.

The t-shirt featured in the photograph used to be a long, oversized top, however Melissa decided to chop the top to make it shorter. This made the top a perfect length to be worn with jeans or with dungarees, as pictured above. Adapting your clothes is a great way to add something new to your wardrobe without needing to go and buy new outfits, simply change the ones you already own!

This outfit perfectly shows that dungarees can be dressed up and worn extremely stylishly. They are not just for casual wearing! All types of denim can be worn on all occasions, as clearly shown by Melissa’s amazing sense in style.

She paired this outfit with crescent moon earrings and a choker style necklace. These accessories worked perfectly to add to the outfit’s look, making the look even more original. Changing an outfit by pairing them with your own accessories is a great way to personalise your wardrobe and vary your outfit choices.

I personally loved this outfit and felt it suited Melissa extremely well. The dungarees paired with the t-shirt and accessories made for a fantastic casual but classy look.