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Wine and Dine

This was my outfit that I wore on a meal out with my boyfriend. We went out to a restaurant in Jersey called No. 10 (which I would 100% recommend, the food was incredible!!!).

I had recently bought the culottes from Bershka on sale, they were extremely good value for money. I love these trousers as they are extremely comfortable but are also quite dressy items of clothing. It means I can go out in comfort as well as feeling good.

The top and bralet I have had for a bit longer but are some of my favourite items of clothing to wear. They are light items of clothing, but match extremely well together and can also be worn with other bright colours.

I always go for comfort when I’m going anywhere, as well as trying to look nice, hence my Adidas trainers are always part of my outfit!!

The dinner we went to was amazing, but I got ABSOLUTELY DRENCHED on the way there, as the weather was horrific and it was chucking it down – not even a light drizzle! But, apart from getting wet before arriving, we had a great night of good food and great drinks!

Everyone needs a good meal out every once in a while.


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Pixie Cut and Piercings!

So, I’ve been debating cutting my hair for some time now and here are the results… I got a pixie cut!


I have gradually gone from hair nearly down to my waist, to hair not even covering my ears, but I think my madness has paid off.

I spent a while asking for people’s advice and trying to decide, but eventually I booked the appointment and thought ‘it’s booked, no going back now’. I am extremely glad I did and would definitely recommend for anyone who is considering it to just go for it!

It’s taking some getting used to but I am absolutely loving it – it’s easier to wash, dry and generally manage. I can still style it in different ways if I want to using wax and putty (not gel as it gives my hair a ‘wet-look’ I’m not a fan of).

Now my hair is short I decided to get a helix piercing as well. I have wanted a piercing for ages and decided that now you can see my ears, I might as well give it a shot. My friend came with me and we both got our piercings done together. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and it is surprisingly LESS painful than I anticipated. Actually getting the piercing done hardly hurt (just some throbbing) and the aftereffects haven’t been bad at all. Despite any horror stories people try and tell you, I assure you that if you get your piercing done with a properly qualified person, you shouldn’t have any major problems!

Now I have one piercing, I have definitely become addicted and intend on getting more helix piercings once this one has started to heal.

Although I now have the problem that none of my forms of ID look anything like me, I absolutely love my new hairdo (and piercing) and have fallen in love with having short hair.