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Donations, Donations

Melissa (beautifully) presenting my pile to give away
Clothes I claimed from Melissa


Making my new jacket into an outfit

Recently I had a bit of a dilemma: I was looking around my room at all of my belongings and thought: ‘I have to move all my stuff out in a couple of months, what am I going to do with it all?!’. After considering different ways of moving my stuff around I decided that I could probably help myself and have a clear out.

My friend, Melissa, and I both decided to go through our wardrobes and take things that we don’t like or don’t wear anymore to charity shops. We both ended up having piles of clothes to donate and managed to fill two bin bags each (although we did look very odd on the bus carrying bin bags into town).

I managed to clear out about half my wardrobe of clothes that I haven’t worn in months. I love giving clothes away as it always makes me realise what’s in the depths of my cupboards, what clothes I actually need, and what outfits would benefit from a new owner.

While sorting through our clothes, we ended up prying on the remains of each other’s closets and claiming clothes for our own! I added a pair of creepers and three t-shirts to my wardrobe – thanks Melissa! In my defence, I was in need of some new tops after cleansing myself of old ones.

After giving the bags of clothing to Oxfam and Barnardo’s, we went into Churchill Square Shopping Centre in Brighton to replace some of our old clothes. I bought two vest tops, one teal and one white, and a jacket from Bershka. The vest tops were essential purchases after giving away ones that didn’t fit me anymore, but the jacket was a treat for my hard work. It was a sale item and I personally love it! It’s something a little bit different from my other items of clothing and is perfect for the upcoming spring season. I don’t usually wear pink and purple colours, but I loved the patterns and frills on this specific jacket so I decided to buy it. That’s the one great thing about having a massive clear out – you can go and treat yourself to clothes and have justification for doing so.

On the whole, I’d say it was a pretty successful clear out.

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Pixie Cut and Piercings!

So, I’ve been debating cutting my hair for some time now and here are the results… I got a pixie cut!


I have gradually gone from hair nearly down to my waist, to hair not even covering my ears, but I think my madness has paid off.

I spent a while asking for people’s advice and trying to decide, but eventually I booked the appointment and thought ‘it’s booked, no going back now’. I am extremely glad I did and would definitely recommend for anyone who is considering it to just go for it!

It’s taking some getting used to but I am absolutely loving it – it’s easier to wash, dry and generally manage. I can still style it in different ways if I want to using wax and putty (not gel as it gives my hair a ‘wet-look’ I’m not a fan of).

Now my hair is short I decided to get a helix piercing as well. I have wanted a piercing for ages and decided that now you can see my ears, I might as well give it a shot. My friend came with me and we both got our piercings done together. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and it is surprisingly LESS painful than I anticipated. Actually getting the piercing done hardly hurt (just some throbbing) and the aftereffects haven’t been bad at all. Despite any horror stories people try and tell you, I assure you that if you get your piercing done with a properly qualified person, you shouldn’t have any major problems!

Now I have one piercing, I have definitely become addicted and intend on getting more helix piercings once this one has started to heal.

Although I now have the problem that none of my forms of ID look anything like me, I absolutely love my new hairdo (and piercing) and have fallen in love with having short hair.

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New Year’s Eve


I recently bought myself a Naked3 Palette by Urban Decay and decided to use it on New Years Eve. I decided to create a smoky eye effect with some of the brown colours from the selection, using a glittery eye shadow to create a shiny effect. I went for a smoky but subtler look and used my Rimmel eyeliner to add to my look. I personally use a white eyeliner pencil for my under-eye as it makes your eyes look bigger.

As for my lipstick, I decided on wearing Kristen from Kylie Cosmetics. I used both the lipliner and lipstick to enhance the colour. I absolutely love these lip kits as they last for the entire night without smudging or fading.
My lipstick colour of choice is a bright or dark red as lighter colours do not match my skin tone. As I am quite pale, brighter or darker colours stand out against my pale skin and look better than lighter colours, which tend to wash me out.

My eyebrows are shaped by using a powder kit as naturally by eyebrows are VERY blonde. If you have light eyebrows I recommend using powder and sharpening the shape with a pencil if necessary as it prevents them from becoming extremely dark or too thick. Having light eyebrow hair can be a problem, however I don’t get them dyed and I find defining them extremely manageable.

I decided to wear a black top from New Look and a glittery skirt from H&M. Originally I wasn’t sure on my outfit as I couldn’t decide on whether it looked nice, however with the persuasion of my friends I decided to wear this outfit to the party I was attending. I was extremely happy with my clothing options later in the night as I looked nice but was still comfortable and didn’t have to worry about fixing my skirt for the whole night, which is a common occurrence when wearing a pencil skirt (hence I chose a more floaty skirt)!

So, this was how I decided on going into 2017. Happy New Year!


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Christmas Drinks


This was the outfit I wore out for Christmas drinks with my flatmates.

I bought the knotted, flared legged jumpsuit on the Boohoo Black Friday Sales (who says clothes have to be expensive?). I absolutely love this item of clothing as the material is stretchy and allows for comfort when you are out and about. It can be dressed for both casual and smart occasions, depending on what you pair it with. As you can see from the photos, I was wearing this for a more casual evening out, so paired it with my floral old-skool vans and some of my favourite jewellery to make my outfit more personal. I always find wearing your favourite jewellery or accessories with a seemingly plain outfit helps to liven up your clothing choices nicely.

I chose to tie my hair in a partial space-bun so it was out of my face, saving me tucking it behind my ear every five minutes for the entire evening! This look is a slightly messier style but matches well with casual clothing. It shows off your makeup well as it keeps your hair from falling in your face and shadowing any makeup you may have already put on. I love this look as it is a bit different to how I normally style my hair and I believe a slight change can always benefit an outfit.

Lastly, my makeup choices for the evening were extremely subtle as I was only going for a casual night out at the pub. I chose to shape my eyebrows with my powder palette, which is an absolute essential for myself as without it my eyebrows are non-existent they are so blonde! I used mascara to make my eyelashes both visible and longer and finished my look with my favourite lipstick – Koko K by Kylie. This lipstick is my go-to makeup product as it is an extremely natural colour for my skin tone, only adding a slight hint of pink, and stays on for hours despite eating or drinking. I cannot recommend this lipstick enough.

I loved my outfit for the night as I felt extremely comfortable in what I was wearing, yet still felt like I looked the part. Wearing something you feel good in is an important part of getting an outfit right, as there is no point in wearing clothing that you don’t feel 100% comfortable in. In my opinion, finding something I think I look nice in but also feel secure in is a top priority.

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Pascal Dr. Martens

img_7846These are my new Pascal style gold and purple Dr. Martens, found in their shop in Brighton.

I love these shoes and see them as a winter must-have item! They are extremely comfortable shoes (once you’ve worn them in a bit: double socks are needed for a few days) and they keep your feet warm throughout the cold winds in winter.

Dr. Martens are one of my favourite brands of shoes as they are extremely sturdy and withstand rough wear. They are a perfect boot for walking around shopping in without your feet feeling like they are going to fall off.

When I first looked at them I was concerned about how much of my wardrobe would actually match with them. But as I soon discovered, this is not an issue. They match particularly well with blue and red and can be worn with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a brightly coloured dress.

Although they are an expensive shoe to buy on a student budget, they are definitely worth the money as you will get years of wear out of them, as long as you give them the love and affection they truly deserve!